Benefits of movable walls in workspaces

Are you looking for versatility?

The use of movable walls is a major advantage in what the creation of versatile workspaces is concerned.

This partitioning system offers the possibility of creating several rooms at a lower cost using a wider room that may be converted into smaller rooms when necessary.

Tip: The intended use of a space is the first reflexion to be done when starting a new project. In that way, everything will be planned in order to satisfy future needs and it will make it easier to identify places that may benefit from using movable walls.


 1 – Integrates aesthetics and function and makes your space look nice and more versatile.

2 – Privacy – creation of meeting rooms and other rooms for customer’s service.

3 – Practical. How many times have you thought of demolishing a wall because you need to enlarge a workspace? Have you ever thought that a movable wall may be the solution to your problem? This will allow you to enlarge and reducing your space when and how you want.

4 – Cost-effective and reversible. It is possible to create several rooms at a lower cost and without solid walls.

CASTELHANO E FERREIRA supplies movable walls that meet customers’ needs and enable a quick and effective division of their rooms. They combine innovation, aesthetic sense and minimalism without losing functionality and practicality.

It has never been so easy to create a room that fits you.

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