Have you ever thought of the reason why there are problems before, during and after the execution of works?

Many of the problems arise from the factors below:

– Bad site surveys – usually originate a bad execution of the work;

– Unexpected situations at the jobsite (for example, the need to demolish a wall that was not planned to be demolished) – this may cause delays;

– Delays in the reception of the materials – the delay in the raw materials leads to delays in the target date for the completion of the work; 

– Materials damaged during transport that have to be replaced by new ones (for example, glasses have to be replaced when broken);

– Problems with planning: cost – time of execution – uncertainties from the customer. 

CASTELHANO E FERREIRA is specialized in the creation of workspaces as turn-key projects in order to help you OVERCOMING any adversities that may arise in the moment of creating YOUR WORKSPACE.

Rest more. Rest better. CASTELHANO E FERREIRA, formulating you space.

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