Acoustics for Libraries

Which is the main reason why you feel good at a library?

The silence. 🤫

A library is a place of tranquillity, comfort and maximum acoustic quality. To achieve the best acoustic quality, each architectural project shall be planned individually. In order to do so, it is important to:  

  1. Know the functionality of each library. It is the responsibility of the specifier of the project to know the characteristics of the space and to find the most adequate solutions according to its future use.
  2. Warrant the acoustic insulation of each area. The project shall take into account the external noise and minimize its interference with the interior of the room.
  3. Consider a space dedicated to group work, for example, through the creation of rooms with partitions and with high levels of acoustic insulation.
  4. Minimize the reverberation in order to promote the silence and wellbeing.
  5. use products that promote the aesthetics of the library and make it unique while warranting a perfect acoustic, such as: acoustic clouds, acoustic ceilings, fabric covered furniture, carpet, perforated ceilings, blinds and absorbing decorative items.
  6. choose fire-resistant acoustic products in order to prevent future adversities.

When shall you think of these subjects? During the project phase, considering functional and differentiating solutions that suit the architecture of the space.

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