Acoustics for Restaurant Spaces

How many times have you been to a restaurant and didn´t return, not because of the food quality, but due to the fact that the aesthetics of the space didn´t fit your personality and required comfort level?

The attractiveness of a restaurant is not only related to the quality of food, but also to the factors below:

  1. The organization of the space;
  2. Customer service;
  3. Visual identity and interior architecture design of the space.

Pleasant spaces with acoustic, thermal and light comfort influence the choice and the acceptance of the public that intends to spend a relaxed and quiet time.

At restaurants, acoustics plays a central role in what comfort and attractiveness are concerned. These acoustic questions shall be thought of at the conception phase, enabling the cost reduction, future works and avoiding any undesirable surprises.

  1. Rigid surfaces with low absorption coefficient;
  2. Kitchens inserted in the dining area;
  3. Live music;
  4. Tables too close to each other;
  5. Displacement of furniture.

How to solve it? ⬇

  • Acquiring adequate furniture that enables the acoustic comfort, for example upholstered chairs instead of wood or plastic chairs;
  • Combining acoustic decorative items with the aesthetics desired for the space, for example acoustic ceilings, acoustic clouds, wall and ceiling cladding, among others;

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