VERSALINE Partition.


Companies understood the importance of providing welcoming, flexible and versatile workspaces offering motivation and productivity to their collaborators.

From the furniture with simple lines to the one with bolder ones, from the open-space to the partitioning of spaces and even including the decorative items, the need to create spaces that feel like home and that correspond to the needs of segmentation of the different activities/departments is increasing at the organization level.

The division of spaces enables the creation of different locations in order to integrate several collaborators within the same environment but still keeping them apart.

Why choosing partitions for workspaces?

  1. Functional environments;
  2. Comfort and privacy assured;
  3. Higher performance and productivity of the team.
  4. Lower costs.

A new partition integrated in our brand DIWERSA.

It is a partition system that fits any space and need.

With several options available within the same structure and profile, this new partition stands out by its continuity, versatility and the capacity to respond to the market’s tendencies.


  • Structure: Natural colour aluminium (polished) or in the colours available on the market.
  • Options: double glass, centered single glass, decentered single glass, matt panel, wood door …
  • Finishings: Melamine, Natural wood veneer, Lacquered, Textiles, Acústica 21 panels. Other finishings upon request.

Did you like it? Are you interested in this type of solution? Get to know our partitions’ range under the brand Diwersa.

VERSALINE. Comfort, functionality and organization in the same space.

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