Safety and Versatility


Castelhano e Ferreira has been reinforcing its commitement to promoting movable walls, which allow spaces to be divided quickly and efficiently and enable different configurations, combining innovation with na aesthetic and minimalist sense without ever losing the functional focus.

They are an increasingly popular solution for the eficiente management of multiple spaces, as optimizing systems results in more time and differentiation, creating spaces whithin spaces.

Some advantage of using movable walls:

Integrates aesthetics and function and makes your space look nice and versatile.

Privacy – creation of meeting rooms and other rooms for customer’s service.

Practical. How many times have you thought of demolishing a wall because you need to enlarge a workspace? Have you ever thought that a movable wall may be the solution to your problem?

This will allow you to enlarge and reducing your space when and how you want.

Cost – effective and reversible. It is possible to create several rooms at a lower cost and without solid walls.

One of the latest products to join our range of solutions are the fire-resistant class A panels , which at the same time stand out for their acoustic performance and appearance.

These are panels made of gypsum fibers, developed with their own installation system, which provide pleasant sound environments in spaces where fire safety and acoustic quality are key factors.

As well as not containing any harmful additives and being 100%envronmentally sustainable, they are a great choice for buildings and auditoriums, the health sector, the catering industry and hotels.

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Credits: JTI BALTIC office in Vilnius. Interior design: Unė Kavaliauskaitė, Laima Aleknavičienė. Furniture: LT.PROJECT. Movable Walls: Planoffice – Acoustics & Partitions. Project management: LT.PROJECT. Photo: Norbert Tukaj.

safety and versatility