The influence of acoustics int the productivity at work

The productivity at work is a fundamental factor to the economy and sustainability of the companies.

There is the need to keep the individuals that work in a team motivated at the workspace where they are integrated. In individual rooms, it is easier to focus because there is no noise influencing the productivity. However, in workspaces with more than two workers, it is important to invest in the acoustic treatment to increase comfort and the performance, ensuring a better communication among each team member.

Have you ever thought how the acoustics of the workspace may influence the productivity of your team?

Situations such as cross talks, answering phone calls at the same time and in the same room, ventilation systems, printers and traffic noise lead to a loss of the ability to perform some tasks in a productive way. Other situations that originate a decrease or loss of productivity? Here.

Acoustics and design are the starting point to solve these questions.

Acoustics shall be present since the moment you start planning a work and not in the final stage (despite being possible to solve some situations by that time as well). It is a long-term investment that will guarantee a comfortable, functional and more productive work environment.

Architectural acoustics responds to the comfort, which is an important factor to the identity of the business area. Usually when partitions are used to divide rooms, the acoustic performance is more satisfactory.

ACÚSTICA21, from CASTELHANO E FERREIRA, includes a wide range of acoustic conditioning systems consisting of absorber and diffuser panels offering a complete and functional solution that fits several types of room, such as auditoriums or offices. As a flexible system, it may be used continuously to finish partitions, doors, walls and/or furniture.

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