by Castelhano e Ferreira


1. I have a workspace. What solutions can you offer?

Castelhano e Ferreira is a company concerned with the particular necessities of each space and its focus is to change the way how the world faces works. We conceive, manufacture, market and install several products like Acoustic panels, partitions, movable walls, furniture and flooring that are used in the construction of workspaces. Learn more.

2. Where can I see Castelhano e Ferreira´s portfolio as well as your products?

Please consult and discover a world of perfect solutions for your workspace.

3. Does Castelhano e Ferreira carry out turn-key works?

We deliver to our clients the ideal solutions for each workspace, according to each unique need. One of our strong characteristics has always been and will continue to be the materialization of projects in real spaces.

4. I have a project. May I ask for a solution?

Yes. Castelhano e Ferreira has countless solutions that meet the needs of every space and project. The wide experience of our team allows us to conceive exclusive products to create functional and unique spaces.

5. Do you supply materials for other countries?

Through our brand PLANOFFICE, we take our best solutions to several countries over the world. 

6. How to have a good acoustic behaviour in a glazed area?

Here are some tips: use furniture with fabrics, carpets, perforated ceilings, blinds and absorbing decorative items. Contact us and we´ll suggest you the most suitable solution for your space. Learn more here.

7. In order to assemble a movable wall, is the parking area the only concern I shall take into account?

You need to consider the factors below:

a) Dimension;

b) Where do you intend to park the movable wall?

c) Is the acoustic insulation important?

d) Do you have any support to fix the movable wall to? If you don´t have it, what is the possible solution for your space and which one do you intend to have?

e) Do you need a door?

f) Finishing of the panels. 

8. How can I get your best solutions in terms of furniture for workspaces?

Please find below the whole process to take into account:

1. Talk to our salesperson and give him the information about the furniture you imagine for your workspace.

2. We present you our best solutions through technical drawings and/or 3D representations.

3. From the offers presented, choose the one that is more adequate to your needs.

4. From this point on, leave it with us: we conceive, supply and assemble it!

Lean more about our furniture brand here.

9. Why shall I choose materials like solid wood?

Solid wood, besides being natural and noble, is a very durable and sustainable material and its main advantage is the resistance to damages, much higher than the one of the melamine. Solid wood guarantees elegance, sophistication and nobility; best cost vs benefit and, finally, it is more ecologic. Do you know our Solid Wood acoustic panels already?

10. May I purchase an acoustic panel finished Melamine with A1 fire resistance?

An acoustic panel classified as A1 is a type of panel where you can´t have any finishing nor acoustic fleece. If you need a special finishing, you´ll have to choose acoustic panels with A2 classification because those can be manipulated.

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