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Safety and Versatility


Castelhano e Ferreira has been reinforcing its commitement to promoting movable walls, which allow spaces to be divided quickly and efficiently and enable different configurations, combining innovation with na aesthetic and minimalist sense without ever losing the functional focus.

They are an increasingly popular solution for the eficiente management of multiple spaces, as optimizing systems results in more time and differentiation, creating spaces whithin spaces.

Some advantage of using movable walls:

Integrates aesthetics and function and makes your space look nice and versatile.

Privacy – creation of meeting rooms and other rooms for customer’s service.

Practical. How many times have you thought of demolishing a wall because you need to enlarge a workspace? Have you ever thought that a movable wall may be the solution to your problem?

This will allow you to enlarge and reducing your space when and how you want.

Cost – effective and reversible. It is possible to create several rooms at a lower cost and without solid walls.

One of the latest products to join our range of solutions are the fire-resistant class A panels , which at the same time stand out for their acoustic performance and appearance.

These are panels made of gypsum fibers, developed with their own installation system, which provide pleasant sound environments in spaces where fire safety and acoustic quality are key factors.

As well as not containing any harmful additives and being 100%envronmentally sustainable, they are a great choice for buildings and auditoriums, the health sector, the catering industry and hotels.

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Credits: JTI BALTIC office in Vilnius. Interior design: Unė Kavaliauskaitė, Laima Aleknavičienė. Furniture: LT.PROJECT. Movable Walls: Planoffice – Acoustics & Partitions. Project management: LT.PROJECT. Photo: Norbert Tukaj.

by Castelhano e Ferreira

VERSALINE Partition.


Companies understood the importance of providing welcoming, flexible and versatile workspaces offering motivation and productivity to their collaborators.

From the furniture with simple lines to the one with bolder ones, from the open-space to the partitioning of spaces and even including the decorative items, the need to create spaces that feel like home and that correspond to the needs of segmentation of the different activities/departments is increasing at the organization level.

The division of spaces enables the creation of different locations in order to integrate several collaborators within the same environment but still keeping them apart.

Why choosing partitions for workspaces?

  1. Functional environments;
  2. Comfort and privacy assured;
  3. Higher performance and productivity of the team.
  4. Lower costs.

A new partition integrated in our brand DIWERSA.

It is a partition system that fits any space and need.

With several options available within the same structure and profile, this new partition stands out by its continuity, versatility and the capacity to respond to the market’s tendencies.


  • Structure: Natural colour aluminium (polished) or in the colours available on the market.
  • Options: double glass, centered single glass, decentered single glass, matt panel, wood door …
  • Finishings: Melamine, Natural wood veneer, Lacquered, Textiles, Acústica 21 panels. Other finishings upon request.

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VERSALINE. Comfort, functionality and organization in the same space.

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Acústica 21, CF SOLID WOOD panels not only upgrade the comfort but also the aesthetics of your workspace through the use of solid wood and application as walls and ceilings´cladding.

It is a customizable solution that allows you to obtain different levels of absorption depending on the needs of the spaces.

  • Areas of application: walls and ceilings´cladding.
  • Composition: fire-resistant (B-s1,d0) / standard pine solid wood slats.
  • Finishings: clear, dark walnut, oak, chestnut.

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Precautions to be taken in sound insulation

Adversities with acoustics in your workspace?

We can help you.

You should keep in mind that the sound spreads from the outside to the inside and vice versa. For a good acoustic insulation, the first step is to identify the source of the noise, in order to know where and how to act.

But… and how to solve the problem, after the diagnosis?

Some suggestions and materials that may help:

  • Plasterboard – the combination of plasterboard and rockwool or glasswool may be effective in insulating sound and preventing it from passing through.
  • Mineral wool – insulation material used in walls, doors and ceiling´s.
  • Windows – with a thicker and heavier stopper, they are perfect for insulating all the sounds that come from outside.
  • Doors – did you know that wood is a natural acoustic insulating material? With a well insulated interior and with sealants that don’t let the sound through, they might be the solution you’re looking for.
  • Air ducts – independent air ducts prevent the sound from passing from one room to another.

Listen to the difference! Acústica21.

Castelhano e Ferreira, formulating your space.

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Acoustics for Restaurant Spaces

How many times have you been to a restaurant and didn´t return, not because of the food quality, but due to the fact that the aesthetics of the space didn´t fit your personality and required comfort level?

The attractiveness of a restaurant is not only related to the quality of food, but also to the factors below:

  1. The organization of the space;
  2. Customer service;
  3. Visual identity and interior architecture design of the space.

Pleasant spaces with acoustic, thermal and light comfort influence the choice and the acceptance of the public that intends to spend a relaxed and quiet time.

At restaurants, acoustics plays a central role in what comfort and attractiveness are concerned. These acoustic questions shall be thought of at the conception phase, enabling the cost reduction, future works and avoiding any undesirable surprises.

  1. Rigid surfaces with low absorption coefficient;
  2. Kitchens inserted in the dining area;
  3. Live music;
  4. Tables too close to each other;
  5. Displacement of furniture.

How to solve it? ⬇

  • Acquiring adequate furniture that enables the acoustic comfort, for example upholstered chairs instead of wood or plastic chairs;
  • Combining acoustic decorative items with the aesthetics desired for the space, for example acoustic ceilings, acoustic clouds, wall and ceiling cladding, among others;

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Acoustics for Libraries

Which is the main reason why you feel good at a library?

The silence. 🤫

A library is a place of tranquillity, comfort and maximum acoustic quality. To achieve the best acoustic quality, each architectural project shall be planned individually. In order to do so, it is important to:  

  1. Know the functionality of each library. It is the responsibility of the specifier of the project to know the characteristics of the space and to find the most adequate solutions according to its future use.
  2. Warrant the acoustic insulation of each area. The project shall take into account the external noise and minimize its interference with the interior of the room.
  3. Consider a space dedicated to group work, for example, through the creation of rooms with partitions and with high levels of acoustic insulation.
  4. Minimize the reverberation in order to promote the silence and wellbeing.
  5. use products that promote the aesthetics of the library and make it unique while warranting a perfect acoustic, such as: acoustic clouds, acoustic ceilings, fabric covered furniture, carpet, perforated ceilings, blinds and absorbing decorative items.
  6. choose fire-resistant acoustic products in order to prevent future adversities.

When shall you think of these subjects? During the project phase, considering functional and differentiating solutions that suit the architecture of the space.

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1. I have a workspace. What solutions can you offer?

Castelhano e Ferreira is a company concerned with the particular necessities of each space and its focus is to change the way how the world faces works. We conceive, manufacture, market and install several products like Acoustic panels, partitions, movable walls, furniture and flooring that are used in the construction of workspaces. Learn more.

2. Where can I see Castelhano e Ferreira´s portfolio as well as your products?

Please consult and discover a world of perfect solutions for your workspace.

3. Does Castelhano e Ferreira carry out turn-key works?

We deliver to our clients the ideal solutions for each workspace, according to each unique need. One of our strong characteristics has always been and will continue to be the materialization of projects in real spaces.

4. I have a project. May I ask for a solution?

Yes. Castelhano e Ferreira has countless solutions that meet the needs of every space and project. The wide experience of our team allows us to conceive exclusive products to create functional and unique spaces.

5. Do you supply materials for other countries?

Through our brand PLANOFFICE, we take our best solutions to several countries over the world. 

6. How to have a good acoustic behaviour in a glazed area?

Here are some tips: use furniture with fabrics, carpets, perforated ceilings, blinds and absorbing decorative items. Contact us and we´ll suggest you the most suitable solution for your space. Learn more here.

7. In order to assemble a movable wall, is the parking area the only concern I shall take into account?

You need to consider the factors below:

a) Dimension;

b) Where do you intend to park the movable wall?

c) Is the acoustic insulation important?

d) Do you have any support to fix the movable wall to? If you don´t have it, what is the possible solution for your space and which one do you intend to have?

e) Do you need a door?

f) Finishing of the panels. 

8. How can I get your best solutions in terms of furniture for workspaces?

Please find below the whole process to take into account:

1. Talk to our salesperson and give him the information about the furniture you imagine for your workspace.

2. We present you our best solutions through technical drawings and/or 3D representations.

3. From the offers presented, choose the one that is more adequate to your needs.

4. From this point on, leave it with us: we conceive, supply and assemble it!

Lean more about our furniture brand here.

9. Why shall I choose materials like solid wood?

Solid wood, besides being natural and noble, is a very durable and sustainable material and its main advantage is the resistance to damages, much higher than the one of the melamine. Solid wood guarantees elegance, sophistication and nobility; best cost vs benefit and, finally, it is more ecologic. Do you know our Solid Wood acoustic panels already?

10. May I purchase an acoustic panel finished Melamine with A1 fire resistance?

An acoustic panel classified as A1 is a type of panel where you can´t have any finishing nor acoustic fleece. If you need a special finishing, you´ll have to choose acoustic panels with A2 classification because those can be manipulated.

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