by Castelhano e Ferreira

Have you ever thought of the reason why there are problems before, during and after the execution of works?

Many of the problems arise from the factors below:

– Bad site surveys – usually originate a bad execution of the work;

– Unexpected situations at the jobsite (for example, the need to demolish a wall that was not planned to be demolished) – this may cause delays;

– Delays in the reception of the materials – the delay in the raw materials leads to delays in the target date for the completion of the work; 

– Materials damaged during transport that have to be replaced by new ones (for example, glasses have to be replaced when broken);

– Problems with planning: cost – time of execution – uncertainties from the customer. 

CASTELHANO E FERREIRA is specialized in the creation of workspaces as turn-key projects in order to help you OVERCOMING any adversities that may arise in the moment of creating YOUR WORKSPACE.

Rest more. Rest better. CASTELHANO E FERREIRA, formulating you space.

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by Castelhano e Ferreira

Benefits of movable walls in workspaces

Are you looking for versatility?

The use of movable walls is a major advantage in what the creation of versatile workspaces is concerned.

This partitioning system offers the possibility of creating several rooms at a lower cost using a wider room that may be converted into smaller rooms when necessary.

Tip: The intended use of a space is the first reflexion to be done when starting a new project. In that way, everything will be planned in order to satisfy future needs and it will make it easier to identify places that may benefit from using movable walls.


 1 – Integrates aesthetics and function and makes your space look nice and more versatile.

2 – Privacy – creation of meeting rooms and other rooms for customer’s service.

3 – Practical. How many times have you thought of demolishing a wall because you need to enlarge a workspace? Have you ever thought that a movable wall may be the solution to your problem? This will allow you to enlarge and reducing your space when and how you want.

4 – Cost-effective and reversible. It is possible to create several rooms at a lower cost and without solid walls.

CASTELHANO E FERREIRA supplies movable walls that meet customers’ needs and enable a quick and effective division of their rooms. They combine innovation, aesthetic sense and minimalism without losing functionality and practicality.

It has never been so easy to create a room that fits you.

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by Castelhano e Ferreira

The influence of acoustics int the productivity at work

The productivity at work is a fundamental factor to the economy and sustainability of the companies.

There is the need to keep the individuals that work in a team motivated at the workspace where they are integrated. In individual rooms, it is easier to focus because there is no noise influencing the productivity. However, in workspaces with more than two workers, it is important to invest in the acoustic treatment to increase comfort and the performance, ensuring a better communication among each team member.

Have you ever thought how the acoustics of the workspace may influence the productivity of your team?

Situations such as cross talks, answering phone calls at the same time and in the same room, ventilation systems, printers and traffic noise lead to a loss of the ability to perform some tasks in a productive way. Other situations that originate a decrease or loss of productivity? Here.

Acoustics and design are the starting point to solve these questions.

Acoustics shall be present since the moment you start planning a work and not in the final stage (despite being possible to solve some situations by that time as well). It is a long-term investment that will guarantee a comfortable, functional and more productive work environment.

Architectural acoustics responds to the comfort, which is an important factor to the identity of the business area. Usually when partitions are used to divide rooms, the acoustic performance is more satisfactory.

ACÚSTICA21, from CASTELHANO E FERREIRA, includes a wide range of acoustic conditioning systems consisting of absorber and diffuser panels offering a complete and functional solution that fits several types of room, such as auditoriums or offices. As a flexible system, it may be used continuously to finish partitions, doors, walls and/or furniture.

Do you need acoustic conditioning solutions for your workspace?

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by Castelhano e Ferreira

The new Castelhano e Ferreira

CASTELHANO E FERREIRA, a company with more than 4 decades of history, creates solutions for workspaces in order to meet all customers’ needs.

Began its activity in 1978, at a time when the business was focused mainly in the false ceilings and partitions’ industry, becoming a reference in the national market. Throughout the years, it has grown by developing new products and embracing new business lines.


CASTELHANO E FERREIRA, formulating your space.

The recognition of four decades in the market gave us the know-how and confidence. The main factor for that success is the involvement of CASTELHANO E FERREIRA in all stages of the project and work conception, aiming at responding to several market’s needs. Learn more here. The innovation, professionalism, confidence and timelessness that represent us, led to the gradual growth of our client portfolio over the years.

In order to conceive turn-key projects, CASTELHANO E FERREIRA has a wide range of products that meet customers’ needs towards the creation of functional workspaces. Among them, are the subbrands that allow the company to develop spaces in different areas of activity such as offices, auditoriums, health institutions, hotels, among others.

Who are we?

  • Values: Based on trust, integrity, excellence and quality, as well as aiming at customers’ satisfaction.
  • Mission: Continuous evolution in the development of projects focused in the partnership with the client.
  • Vision: A modern company that seeks to cover a diversified target group, with special focus in the supply of materials and turn-key projects.


At CASTELHANO E FERREIRA you may find a wide variety of products that adapt to your needs and the needs of your space.

PARTITIONS – Unique solutions which are adaptable to the most varied spaces and projects uniting functionality and design.

MOVABLE WALLS – An incredible variety of movable walls’ solutions that enable the division of workspaces in a quick and effective way and that combines innovation and aesthetic sense without losing functionality.

RAISED FLOORS – Ideal and long-lasting flooring range that is the solution for your workspace and from which you may choose according to your requirements.

FURNITURE – We are specialized to advise you and develop, manufacture and supply the perfect furniture to your space.

ACOUSTIC PANELS – Creation of unique and architectural solutions for pleasant, comfortable and noiseless workspaces.

CASTELHANO E FERREIRA, formulating you space.

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